Hand and Foot Repair

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Hippie Child- Like a walk in the California mountains, this amazing patchouli scented balm takes your mind and spirit to a place of imagination and freedom, while the all-natural recipe soothes and nurtures your tired skin. Patchouli, rosemary, and orange. 3 oz working Joe slip top tin.

Beach Bum- Life isn't always a day at the beach, but just a little of our beeswax based magical ointment where you need it and you'll feel like you're sitting barefoot in the warm sand with the ocean waves laughing all around you. Caribbean Coconut. 3 oz working Joe slip top tin.

 Woodsman- It's good to be a wanderer sometimes. A light scent of cedar and earth is your companion as you walk out of the world of everyday life and enter a path of self-reflection and focus on the greatness that lays ahead of you. Cedar, birch, and cypress. 3 oz working Joe slip top tin.

Midnight Moon-  a sensual blend of lavender, chamomile, and vanilla. 3 oz working Jane slip top tin.

Traverse City Cherry- A friendly blend of cherries, honey, and almonds that will have you dreaming of eating a hot slice of cherry cobbler, sitting in a cottage at our beloved traverse city! 3 oz working Jane slip top tin.

 Original- Fortune honors the bold as you walk through life with this exciting blend of manly spice and subtle earthy scent. 3 oz working Joe slip top tin.


Made in Michigan!